If you publish news and information on the Web today, your pages probably provide buttons for


It’s time to add one to the list:


Why is this so important?

The Web is a two-way medium. If you’re a publisher, journalist or provider of any kind of information, you want to know if you got something wrong. Right?

So now it’s time to make it easy for people to tell you about it.

Giving site visitors an easy-to-find, easy-to-use “report an error” button is a way of saying to them that you care about accuracy, you want to know when you make errors, and you’re conscientious about fixing them. It’s like putting a “you can trust this” badge on everything you publish.

Maybe you already have something like a “report an error” button on your site. Or maybe you just think it’s a good idea. If so, please take a moment to join us.

And grab some of our great icons for use on your pages. Use them as you need, anywhere you need. Link them to an email address, contact form, feedback page, MediaBugs widget, whatever you want!

You can also see the full list of folks who’ve already signed on and read their comments.

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