Alliance members

The following news organizations either already provide some sort of “report an error” link on stories or have formally joined the alliance and committed to implement one soon:

The following people or organizations have added their names to the Report an Error Alliance:

Scott Rosenberg | Wordyard

Craig Silverman | Regret The Error

Lane Becker | Social Studies, the Get Satisfaction blog

Dan Gillmor | Mediactive

Scott R. Maier | University of Oregon School of Journalism
Research shows that nine of ten errors are never reported -- and therefore never corrected. MediaBugs help change the odds in favor of accuracy.

Mark Follman | MediaBugs; eponymous blog

Val Maloney |

Jennifer Dorroh | IJNet

Tim Currie |
Great idea

Trudy Kelly Forsythe |

Imelda Dulcich | http:/

Jay Rosen | NYU and
"Getting the press to report errors is a trial. Shouldn't be."

jerry ceppos |

Josh Stearns | Groundswell

Michael Cervieri | FutureJournalismProject

Gerald Thurman |

Gary Gilson |
News outlets that correct errors should do as The New York Times does: acknowledge in the correction what the error was, instead of merely stating the correction. That gives context to people who read the original story and those who did not, and it makes the news outlet take responsibility for the error. That helps build public trust. I served 14 years as Executive Director of the independent, nonprofit Minnesota News Council; its mission is to help the public hold news outlets accountable for accuracy, fairness and ethical standards, and to help news outlets avoid lapses that undermine public trust.

Al Cross | The Rural Blog,

Jack Curtin |

Robin J Phillips |

Asif Youssuff | quippd

Joey Coleman |

Liz McDonnell | Toronto Star Newspaper

Steve Adams |
Great idea - simple implementation. You would have to not value accuracy (or to have something else to gain from not correcting a mistake) to oppose this.

Aldous Russell |

Jaclyn Law |

Robert Sohovich |

Yolanda quintana | Llámalo Y

Michelle Belaskie | MicheBelz Hollywood
Great idea!

Russ J Graham | Transdiffusion

Kurt Huang | ThankThis

[name withheld] |

David Cohn | Spot.Us
We use the MediaBug widget so folks can report errors on our site. Every site should be open to corrections.

Steve Garfield | Off On A Tangent

Peter Stubley | murdermap
Good idea - buttons would work much better than the system we have at the moment (asking people to email us if they spot an error/have a comment to make.)

The Doctor | Antarctica Starts Here.

Carlos Vera Da Souza |
Soy docente y periodista. Me parece interesante esta opción aunque en medios casi monopólicos inaplicable.

Charlotte |

Steve Rogers |
Good idea! Please get this Alliance onto Facebook so I can "Like" it officially!

[name withheld] |

Tom Warhover | Columbia Missourian
Humility breeds accuracy.

James Russell |

Mark Pettus | St. Augustine Underground
Good idea.

sally o\'reilly |

Doug Fisher | Common Sense Journalism

Valerie A Lord |
Great idea!

Sean Devine |

Yoshitaka Ito |

Saleem Khan |
Great idea, Craig and Scott.

Carlos A. Cabrera |

Raju Narisetti | The Washington post

Lyn Headley |

Abhijit |

John Niles | Puget Sound Public Interest Transportation Forum
Great idea! Spotted this at

Andrew Burt | and others
I've been thinking this same thing recently, and wholeheartedly agree. Every web site should have this, whatever the kind of content.

Stephen Wynkoop | SSWUG

Andy Sternberg | Andy Sternberg\\'s blog
great idea. def. spreading the word!

Seamus McCauley | http://www.virtualeconomics,

Jonathan Worth |

Koen Marichal |

Vasily Gatov |
Absolutely great and simple idea :)

Evan Edwards | ClipOne
By the simple act of creating a recognizable icon, you have contributed a universal term to the modern web.

[name withheld] | O\\'Reilly Radar

christina sereti |

[name withheld] |
Please consider offering language versions from day 1 - for instance in Finnish "Ilmoita virhe"

[name withheld] | OAFEnet
This is a wonderful idea, and we're proud to have a "Report an Error" link on the bottom of every page.

Tim Shoults | Kamloops Daily News

Matt Johnston |,

[name withheld] |

Martin Huckerby |
I'm the author of Unesco's book The Net for Journalists - thank you for coming up with such a valuable campaign

Graeme G Pailman |

S. Lynne Walker |
As a journalist of 33 years who now serves as Vice President of the Institute of the Americas in La Jolla, Ca., I believe the media has an obligation to report and correct errors. By doing so, we enhance our credibility with our audiences.

Clay Duda |
This is a great idea.

Terri Thornton |
This is a great idea which is long overdue. If only there were a way to also flag errors that occur on-air!

Stinky Journalism |

Andrew Lih | WikiFactcheck

Dominic Sayers |

Jeff Blaine |

marioyang |

Serge K. Keller | Almaren

Mike Reilley | The Red Line Project
Our Chicago-based hyperlocal site is committed to getting it right, so we're part of the Report an Error Alliance.

Dana Lacey |

Jack Dogs |

Jared Goyette |
I work as an Online Producer for the Miami Herald. I'm hoping that we join.

Matthew Schafer | LWR

Carl-Gustav Linden | HBL

John Tantalo | Emend
A few years ago a I started a service called Emend, much like MediaBugs. Emend is targeted at fixing grammatical and spelling mistakes. Our only requirement is that the user submit a proposed correction for every mistake. I have a browser bookmarklet for users and a Javascript widget for publishers.

I'm interested in joining because we seem to have very similar goals and I'd like a chance to get a wider audience for Emend.

Please take a look at the site ( and let me know how I can help.

Jon Fox |
Awesome idea! keep up the good work, This concept should carry forth far and wide...

Nicole Zanetti |
I do not have a web site at the moment, but as a Software Quality Assurance professional I am very intrigued by the idea of this alliance. I joined so I could be a part of it, and I look forward to seeing if it can gain enough traction to actually improve quality on the internet.

Meredith Shamburger |

Mojtaba samienejad | قمار عاشقانه
Human rights Irab

Liz Scherer |

Alan Mairson | Society Matters
Scott, Craig & team: A brilliant idea. Thanks much for setting it up....

Torbjörn von Krogh | Institute for Media Studies
Some notes on the bigger picture in the book "Media accountability today...and tomorrow" Nordicom, 2008

[name withheld] | The Spy Report
For most websites, errors are inevitable. Publishers and content providers should make it their business to ensure that readers have an easy way to point out mistakes when and where they occur.

[name withheld] |

Michael Fraase | ARTS & FARCES internet

Chris Sherbak |

[name withheld] | Columbus Ledger-Enquirer
We have the button on all of our stories as well.

Hannah Waters | Culturing Science

Dirk von Gehlen | jetzt-Magazin (Süddeutsche Zeitung)
We are the youth-magazine of a big german newspaper. If you want us to send you our logo please let us know!

Christoph Mäschig |
Great idea! :-)

Ivana Pesic |

Markus Hofmann | Badische Zeitung
Regional newspaper in the Southwest of Germany

Alex Johnson |
Joining in my role as a blogger. I don't speak for or represent my employer.

John Hamer | Washington News Council
Great idea. Should be universal. Journalists should also take the TAO of Journalism Pledge to be Transparent, Accountable & Open!

mano |


[name withheld] |

mona |
I do need loin alliance cause I seek the truth and wanna unmask fabriicated news and how I can discover the trics in not honsest Media

Susan Greenberg | Oddfish
I will include mention of this alliance in my journalism ed teaching

[name withheld] |

Martin Moore | Media Standards Trust

Tom Moore |

Jeff Williams | VOICE of Wisconsin Rapids

John Edwards | Something Awesome Today
I am a journalism student at the University of Illinois, and I absolutely love this initiative.

Laura Lorek | Silicon Hills News
Wonderful idea.

Anna Haynes |
Thank you for doing this. (I'm still working on figuring out how best to add it)

Cindy E. Rodriguez |
I teach journalism at Emerson College.

[name withheld] | Silicon Ireland News

Mariam Cook |

Asif Youssuff | quippd
quippd allows users to report the error - and fix it themselves. Our news stories are all wiki editable, and we fully support the mission of report the error!

[name withheld] | TV Live
I feel that accuracy is very important, and that's why I'm supporting the cause!

Andrew Wood | The Ident Gallery

[name withheld] | Click and Watch It

[name withheld] | 12
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Dwight Hines |
This is a good idea.

Otso Virtanen | H1RT News


Bryan W. White | Zebra Fact Check

Peter D | Dirubbo Family Farm

Cheri Newman | Non-PC News and Views (RC not PC)

[name withheld] |

George Kelly |

[name withheld] | oyminrodcour
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Dane Tidwell | Chicago Phoenix