Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when users click on a “report an error” button?

The point is to open a dedicated feedback channel. What it is is up to each publisher. It can be as simple as a “mailto” to send you an email, or as complex as a form that gets filed into your content management system’s database. The widget is an easy, free option, too.

Why do I need this? My site already has comments.

Comment threads can be a good place to report errors, particularly on lower-traffic sites. But all too often errors reported in comments never get responded to or fixed; sometimes they’re never even read by the people responsible for the article.

Why do I need this? I already have a “corrections” link in my site template/I already have a general feedback form or “contact us” link.

These tiny links buried in long lists of other links aren’t easy to find, they’re rarely easy to use, and they don’t say to your readers, “Accuracy is our priority.”